Daylily Lady: Isabel Hibbard Gardens

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Isabel Hibbard Gardens:
The Original Daylily Lady from Long Island NY

Nationally Recognized American Hemerocallis Society's Display Garden
On Long Island at 4 Nancy Drive Farmingdale, NY 11735

BLUE SUNDAY is a very unique bluish daylily with shadings and a blue penciled halo. Throat is pistachio green. This TET makes a striking clump quickly with great branching and bud count. 28" tall, 6 1/2" flower. SEV MID-LATE $75 (Fall shipment)

COPPER CANYON AUTUMN, a super bright persimmon orange/red TET, is the star of the Very Late garden and stands out like a beacon with its 42" height. Bitone. Lighter sepals with persimmon edge. Big 7" flower. SEV. Holding for increase. VERY LATE ($75 when available)

LAST PINK PERFECTION Another VERY LATE bitone in shades of pale pink and ivory reminiscent of a birthday cake looking good enough to eat. Nice color for the late fall. 26" tall, 6" flower, chartreuse throat. Diploid. VERY LATE $75 (Fall Shipment)

LAST TANGO Bright autumn colors cinnamon red and yellow dominate this Very Late bitone TET which is a stately 42" with large 7" flower. SEV. Showy VERY LATE $75 SF(Fall Shipment)

PINK SEPTEMBER begins blooming in August. This bunch-flowering rose pink has a deep green throat and continues blooming into the third week in September. It's a nice bright color for the LATE daylily garden. 5-1/2" flower, 24" high, diploid, SEV with light midribs. $75 SF Fall delivery

SEPTEMBER JOURNEY is a star-shaped 9" light yellow show stopper that brightens the very late garden scene. 33" tall SEV TET with a green throat and is also fragrant. Blooms 'till about September 20. $75 SF Fall delivery

YOU GO GIRL is a 2-1/2" miniature that doesn't know when to stop a bud builder that goes on for nearly seven weeks. Besides this obvious talent, it also is very showy with its near black eye surrounded by a bright red halo on a gold background. Green throat. 14" tall, diploid. $50 SF Fall delivery

TUSCAN HOLIDAY is a mid-season TET that is so very pretty that I could not pass it by even through I specialize in Lates. Alabaster with a wine purple eye and picotee edging and green throat. 6-3/4" flower, 20" tall SEV. $50 SF Fall Delivery

AMBER FINALE This is a LATE soft gold polychrome tetraploid with dark stamens and pink mid-ribs. It is a ruffled, wide petaled 6" flower, well branched and heavily budded. 36" tall, very fragrant diploid SEV (1998) $15

AMOR PERDIDA Very round and ruffled peach pink with lemon edging, fragrant, dormant diploid, mid-season 24" tall (1991) $12

AMOR ULTIMA Soft apricot, large 7" flower, fragrant, 38" tall, heavy textured, showy, tetraploid, very LATE (1995) $25

ANTISANA Palest yellow, 6-1/2" triangular blooms, diamond dusted, LATE, diploid (1985) $10

APRICOT AFTERGLOW Ruffled apricot tetraploid with pink mid-ribs. Blooms up to 8-1/4" wide. Fragrant, great bud count, 30" tall. LATE (1997) $20

AUTUMN FAIR is a large 7" pale yellow with golden shadings is LATE, and lights up the August garden. Green throat,26" tall. TET (2007) $50 Fall delivery

AUTUMN REVERIE This LATE daylily is a very showy 7-1/2" cherry red with white mid-ribs and green throat, 26" tall, a great flower to brighten the fall garden, diploid SEV (2002) $50

BAROQUE SPLENDER Shrimp-pink, peony-type double with red markings and green throat, an unusual and distinctive cultivar 22" tall, fragrant, mid-season (1998) $20

BETH WITT Large gold with interesting red flame markings. Tetraploid 28" tall, 5-1/2" flower, mid-season diploid SEV (2001) $35

BUT I CAN DREAM Pale ivory beauty with green throat and pale pink mid-ribs. 6-1/4 flower 23" tall. Fragrant, mid-LATE season diploid SEV (1997) $20

CHAMPAGNE TOAST Lovely and luscious describes this 7" palest greenish yellow with pink mid-ribs,green throat, full and ruffled form, 26" tall, mid-season, fragrant, diploid SEV (2003) $15

CHARISMA PLUS Most unusual color combination with shades from deep rose tangerine to light tangerine, lighter watermark. Stunning 5-1/2" bloom 28" tall. Dormant tetraploid mid-LATE season (1997) $25

CLOSING BELL 2006 Into. This is one of the VERY LATEST of my Fall Series Tets. It puts on quite a show with its copper and bitone 8" blooms on 32" stems. Its lighter midribs and sepals which are darker edged and the greenish golden throat make a beautiful clump. Both parents are consistent late bloomers (Sandra Elizabeth X Final Frontier). (2006) $75

COUNTDOWN TO FALL Another in the LATE collection - pale, waxy, heavy-textured apricot self, round, recurved, 26" tall 6" flower, diploid SEV (2003) $25

CRIMSOM FINALE Deep velvety red with green throat. Great branching, 5-1/2" flower 24" tall, VERY LATE diploid SEV (1997) $50

DOCTOR DEBBY Very clear vibrant rose pink that glows and is extremely pretty and luscious. Lighter mid-ribs with green throat. Ruffled, diamond dusted, very fragrant 6" flower, 28" tall, mid-season diploid SEV (1996) $20

DOUBLE AURORA Coral pink double with lime green throat, very pretty, fluted and ruffled. 5" flower, 20" tall, mid-season diploid REBLOOMER SEV (1995) $20

DOUBLE CUTIE PIE This 2-1/2" miniature 12" high polychrome is consistently double. Cream with rainbow shades, SEV, heavily budded. My only mid-season introduction for 2004 $25

DOUBLE LIFE Double cream polychrome with pink highlights. Excellent bud count for a double. Very fragrant 5-1/2" flower, 24" tall, dormant diploid mid-LATE season (1993) $12

DOUBLE PERICO Lemon-yellow peony type double, frilly, rapid increaser, very fragrant 5" flower 22" tall. This is a bud-builder. Dormant diploid, mid to LATE season (1986) $10

DOUBLE SPARKLER Bright lemon-yellow double, very full and frilly. Larger than most doubles. 6+" flower, 20" tall. Form reminiscent of sparkler. mid-LATE diploid SEV (1995) $12

DOUBLE STARBURST Double lemon-yellow with great bud count and branching. Showy 5" blooms 25" tall. Blooms 5 weeks. Sometimes reblooms. MId-LATE dormant diploid (1997) $12

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL EARLY pale yellow with dark red eye, very fragrant, bud builder, 5" flower, 22" tall, Striking! diploid SEV (2000) $25

ENCANTADA 2006 Intro- This is truly an enchanted tetraploid daylily - a luminous warm ivory with a large wine purple eye and purple picotee edging. The 5-1/2" flowers on 24" stems bloom in Mid-Season. (2006) $50

END OF STORY Very Late and an unusual bi-color, mauve rose with cream sepals, lime green throat, 5-1/2" flower, 24" tall diploid SEV (2002) $35

EXIT STRATEGY Huge, 8" tetraploid, rose pink with darker rose halo and lime green throat. SEV, 32" tall. A stand out! LATE (2004) $35

FAMOUS LAST WORDS 2006 Intro- A VERY LATE large 8" TET in a golden apricot, with a green throat on 32" stems. It has lighter midribs and is ruffled. It starts blooming here in August and blooms into September. It lights up the fall perennial bed. Fall delivery (2006) $75

FAREWELL BOUQUET Bright rose with light mid-ribs. A VERY LATE daylily that blooms like a bouquet and puts on quite a show. 5" flower, 26" tall diploid SEV (2002) $35

FAREWELL KISS VERY LATE and a star in the fall garden with its vibrant raspberry color and distinctive white mid-ribs. 5-1/2" flower 26" tall diploid SEV (2002) $35

FAREWELL PARTY Late large dark purple with starburst pattern, greenish-yellow throat, 6" flower, 28" tall, dormant, diploid. Sometimes polytepals (2000) $50

FATEFULL ENCOUNTER Bluish purple with light pattern, floriferous, green throat, sunfast 5" flower, 24" tall, mid-LATE season, dormant, diploid (1993) $10

FEMININE MYSTIQUE Lavender rose with light purple eye and green throat 6" flower, 26" tall, fragrant. This bud builder has a long bloom season and is very floriferous, SEV (1998) $10

FINAL ANSWER Wine with a lime green throat, great bud counts, 6" tetraploid flower, 30" tall with 3-way branching and vibrant color. VERY LATE SEV (2001) $35

FINAL CIRCLE LATE dark burgundy with large star-shaped lime green throat, 6" flower, 33" tall. Great performer in the late garden, dormant, diploid (2000) $35

FINAL FRONTIER Very Very Late! Starts blooming in August and finishes in October. 8" warm rose and gold bitone tetraploid flower, 34" tall. Green throat. Great bud count, very fragrant and very vigorous, SEV (1997) $50

FOREGONE CONCLUSION Round and ruffled 6" ginger with soft creamy yellow shadings and lime green throat. 28" tall tetraploid VERY LATE bloomer SEV (2002) $35

GIFT OF PEARLS White with green throat, extremely heavy waxy substance. Rapid increaser, 5" flower, 23" tall. Diploid SEV (1993) $12

GOLDEN FINALE Star-shaped golden yellow, 6-1/2" flower, heavily budded, 26" tall, rapid increaser, LATE, dormant diploid (1985) $10

HARLEQUIN'S FALL PARADE Large 7" bitone tetraploid which reminds you of a Harlequin's costume with its colors of reddish amber, yellow sepals, mid-ribs and a small green throat SEV (2004) $40

HASTA LA VISTA BABY This VERY VERY LATE 7" tetraploid is a coral blend with candelabra branching. 34" tall, fragrant, SEV (1998) $40

HAUNTING MEMORIES Pale pink 5-3/4" flower with distinctive rose eye pattern, green throat, fragrant and extremely pretty. 26" tall, nocturnal diploid SEV (1994) $12

HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY Shadings of wine red to blood-red with darker wine halo and lighter watermark. Lime throat. 30" tall, 6" flower. Saturated color and very showy. Great branching and bud count. TET Mid-Late. (2005) $35

IBARRA Clear, spun-sugar pink, very ruffled and recurved, 5" flower, 22" tall, lemon throat. Heavy texture, very fragrant, mid-season, diploid SEV (1995) $10

IMBABURA Large, ruffled, true pink, heavy texture, full form. 6-1/2" flower, 28" tall. Long bloom season, diamond dusted, mid-season, diploid (1985) $10

IMPERIAL BALL Large 8" rose-pink flower with watermark. 28" tall tetraploid with lime green throat and great branching- LATE season, fragrant SEV. (2001) $25

Inga Pirca Bright glowing apricot, wide- petaled tetraploid, ruffled 5-1/2" flower 27" tall, mid-LATE season dormant (1988) $18

INTY LUNA Ivory with a green throat, heavy substance, round and ruffled 5-1/2" flower, 24" tall. Mid-LATE season, diploid SEV (1986) $10

LA RONDA Creped lavender, green throat, ruffled, floriferous 5" flower, 28" tall, fragrant. Long bloom season dormant diploid (1986) $10

LAST CHAPTER Very LATE tetraploid, soft rose with lighter rose watermark. Gold throat, very fragrant 5-1/2" round and ruffled flower, 26" tall SEV (1999) $35

LAST CREAMSICLE The name describes the colors of this LATE bloomer which is very pretty in a clump in late summer/fall garden. 6" flower, 28" tall, diploid SEV (2004) $25

LAST LAUGH Pale pink with faint rose halo, bud builder. 5-1/2" flower, 28" tall, VERY LATE diploid SEV (2001) $35

LAST WALTZ Pale coral and cream with green throat. Tetraploid, very fragrant and VERY LATE (starts blooming in August) 7" flower, 28" tall SEV (1998) $25

LATE ALLURE Peachy cream with distinctive lavender eye and green throat, 5-1/2" flower, 16" tall, mid-LATE diploid SEV (1998) $15

LATE BREAKING NEWS An orange-red cultivar with cream sepals edged orange red, and cream mid-ribs. 6" flower 28" tall, a striking LATE diploid SEV (2002) $35

LATE HARVEST Lemon yellow 5-3/4" flower with pink highlights and darker yellow picotee edge, 32" tall. Ruffled, fragrant, great branching. LATE Tetraploid SEV (1997) $15

LATE INTERLUDE This is a VERY LATE tetraploid blooming well into September. Good branching and bud count, warm rose red with watermark and green throat. Ruffled 6" flower, 28" tall. Very fragrant. Performs well in half shade. EV (1996) $25

LATE ROUND Light yellow with pink mid-ribs and darker yellow edge. 6" flower, 28" tall. Great bud count. Blooms until mid-September. VERY LATE tetraploid SEV (1997) $18

LATE SESSION 2006 Intro- A LATE, nearly white diploid that makes a lovely bouquet with its crispate 8" blooms. Height is 26" with green throat. Fast increaser. Star of the Late Show. Fall delivery (2006) $50

LATE WONDER is a VERY LATE stunning bitone. Rose with rose and ivory Sepals and green throat. 6" flower with 28" scapes. Blooms till the end of fall. Tet (2007)$50 Fall delivery

LILLYPUTIAN LOVELY Pony Size- Unlike my other 2005 introductions this 3-1/2" diploid does not shout "Look at me!" but is just a very pretty pastel combination of cream, rose and yellow with a green throat. Mid-Late season. 16" short, 3-1/2" flower. (2005) $25

LONG DISTANCE RUNNER This is a northern rebloomer. Blooms June to September with a rest in between. Light yellow 5" flower with a stitched red eye and green throat- some red picotee. Ruffles on ruffles with heavy texture holding until evening. 26" tall diploid SEV (2000) $35

LOVEFACE Large soft pink with large rose eye and chalky throat. Recurved 6" flower, 26" tall. Luscious and voluptuous. Long bloom season SEV mid-season diploid (1994) $15

MACARENA Full peony-type double. 4-1/2" bright apricot-mango, a very showy flower. Very fragrant and heavily budded. 17" tall. Five week bloom season. (Name translates into "Showoff".) Dormant diploid (1996) $25

MACHU PICCHU SUNSET Sunset orange with light red picotee edge. 5-1/2" bloom is often filled with cockatoo doubling, 22" tall. Unusual showy tetraploid, mid-season, dormant (1998) $20

MADAMITA Soft pink, creped, chalky eyezone, bouquet effect. Wide and flat formed 6" flower, 22" tall dormant diploid (1986) $8

MAL MARUM Large vibrant rose-pink with showy dark rose-red eye. An attention-getter. Ruffled, fragrant 6" flower, 24" tall diploid SEV (1994) $15

MATRIX Vibrant raspberry pink, intense color that glows. 6" wide-petaled and recurved flower, 26" tall. Long bloom season, diploid SEV (1983) $10

MERRY MUNCHKIN Floriferous 2-1/2" miniature buff flower with bright red eye, 16" tall. High bud count. Very showy- LATE season, diploid, SEV (1998) $15

MULTIPLE PERSONALITY 7" cream greenish flower, flat form which sometimes doubles with a cockatoo crest, other times singles (hence the name). Very attractive flower, green throat, 24" tall, vigorous increaser and fragrant, LATE diploid SEV (1996) $12

MUSIC OF THE NIGHT Bluish violet TET with white edging, a lavender halo/watermark, and a small green throat. Very pretty combination. 20" tall with a 6" flower. Blooms LATE. (2005) $50

MY DARLING BABY Miniature 2-1/2" double lemon yellow (always doubles), 10" tall, fragrant diploid, mid-season, dormant (1994) $50

MY SWEET LOVE Rose pink 5-1/2" bitone, lime green throat, very distinctive, long season bloomer, fragrant, 23" tall. Mid-season diploid SEV (1993) $15

MY TRACY PIE 2-1/2" pale lavender miniature with purple band and lime green throat. 18" tall, fragrant, bud builder, diploid, mid-LATE SEV (2001) $25

NEW ATTITUDE Cherry red with ivory mid-ribs bleeding into red. Twisted petals, green throat, bitone. 5-3/4" flower 28" tall, diploid, LATE (August) (2004) $35

NO PUEDE SER Huge soft 7" pink, flat form, showy, bud builder. Long season bloomer, 22" tall. Dormant, diploid, mid-LATE (1995) $15

OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN A favorite in the garden. 5-3/4" dark wine purple flower with lime green throat and candelabra branching, 30" tall. Dormant diploid, mid-LATE (1997) $25

OTRA VEZ This 5-1/2" deep rose with a red eye is a mid-LATE that always sends up repeat scapes. 26" tall, triangular form, fragrant diploid, SEV (1999) $25

PARATI Early baby ribbon pink, full and ruffled, rapid increaser. 6-1/2" flower, 26" tall, dormant, diploid (1985) $8

PINK MARZIPAN Luscious pink with lemon throat. 5-1/2" flower, 24" tall, mid-season bloom, SEV diploid, (1987) $10

POSITIVELY RED Deep wine/rose red, holds color well. 6" flower, round, wide and ruffled. 25" tall, fragrant, mid-LATE season, diploid SEV (1997) $12

PURPLE SUEDE Dark purple 6-1/2" flower with lighter watermark, 30" tall. Recurved and fragrant. Still crisp at midnight. LATE dormant (1997) $20

REBECCA ANN DEAN 2-1/2" miniature double, apricot self with three way branching, fragrant, 18" tall. LATE season, diploid SEV (2001) $25

ROCOCO ROSE Dusky rose TET that is a show-off with its ruffled gold bubbles that have wire edges that glitter in the sun. Slight halo and a small deep green throat. 24" tall, 6" flower. (2005) $50

SEASONS END 5-1/2" bi-color tetraploid, dark rose flower with light rose flower with light rose-cream throat. 28" tall. Dark yellow edging, fragrant, VERY LATE SEV (1999) $35

SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER is not only VERY LATE but also huge - up to an 8-1/4" flower with 38" scapes. It is a light greenish yellow with ruffled gold edges, pale pink mid-ribs, green throat, and dark stamens. Slightly fragrant. Tet (2007) $75 SF Fall Delivery

SEPTEMBER SERENADE This is a break-through in VERY LATES as this TET blooms at the very least unto the end of September and sometimes even into October like its ancestor, FINAL FRONTIER. It is a dark red bitone with lighter (cream) sepals and distinctive white midribs. 32" tall with 5-1/2" flower and a lime throat. (2005) $75

STEALING PARADISE Palest lavender 6" flower with purple eyezone. 30" tall. Ethereal beauty. Mid-season diploid (1988) $10

THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC Very dark purple 5-1/2" flower, nearly black, yet holds the color on the hottest day until dusk. 23" tall. Dormant, mid-season diploid (1998) $35

TINY TARTAN Unusual color scheme in this mid-LATE to LATE 14" tall 2-3/4" miniature, dusky rose and cream bitone with cream mid-ribs, thin wine halo, pale yellow watermark and green throat, heavy texture diploid SEV (2003) $50

TOKAY WINE Like the rich deep red Hungarian Tokay wine, this TET is full-bodied and round. Lime throat. 30" tall, 5-3/4" flower. It is full of buds and that keep on opening until late Fall LATE. (2005) $50

VIA LUMINOSA Clear and luscious 6" pink flower with deeper pink eyezone. 24" tall. Lime green throat, fragrant. Diploid SEV(1988) $10

VICTORIAN SONNET This soft pink 6" cultivar is extremely pretty. Ruffled, lime throat, 28" tall. Mid-season diploid SEV(1996) $25

VIVA CUMBAYA Cumbaya (Ecuador) is one of the most picturesque places which this Tetraploid reminds me of a cheerful salmon pink with large chalky watermark blending into a pistachio-green throat. 6-1/2" flower, 26" tall, triangular shape, very fragrant (2003) $25

WHAT PRICE GLORY 5" tangerine gold double flower, very fragrant, 24" tall, lime throat. Bud builder, one of the last bloomers. LATE SEV (1995) $15

WINGED DOVE 5-1/2" white flower with green throat, forms graceful clump reminiscent of flying doves. 28" tall. Prolific bloomer, fragrant mid-LATE diploid SEV (1995) $15

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