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Isabel Hibbard Gardens:
The Original Daylily Lady from Long Island NY

After a courageous 11 year battle with cancer, Isabel Hibbard took her final breath July 20th 2012. Here are messages some of you sent to my mother Isabel:

I'm so sorry to hear of Isabel's passing. I actually met her through the parrot society, so many years ago. She was also my agent when I bought my first home here to LI.

She introduced me to her beautiful garden, giving me wonderful tours of all its beauty, always sending me home with some vegetables or a plant.

She was such a sweet, kind woman.

I will miss you Isabel.

...Kerry Cleary

I met Isabel while grooming her beloved African Gray Parrot Tukki. It was winter the first time I came to the house and I saw all the little markers in the yard.

Isabel told me that I must come back in the spring. I did and was amazed. The yard was beautiful. She gave me a tour and I got bulbs from her for friends and family. I also brought them to visit.

She was truly a "cool" lady. Informative, funny and a sweetheart.

Tom, her husband, is a warm wonderful man. Isabel will be all. I am thankful that I got to meet her. Every year when the flowers bloom I will think of her.

God Bless!

Sheryl Eisner

I stumbled upon your Blog looking for another. Love the daylilies. Especially Midnight Oil.

I am new at all of this but I have now hybridized over 450 different daylilies this past four years. This week they are beginning to bloom. WOW. Hard to believe that some of the combinations I put together have come out looking as they do. Must be the recessive gene thing. Absolutely beautiful.

Here on the shores of Lake Michigan I think they really enjoy the living, just like people! Each month I pick out one or two Blogs to add to my follow list and you are one of the lucky ones this month. Like it lots!


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