Daylily Lady: Isabel Hibbard Gardens

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Daylily Lady: Isabel Hibbard Gardens
As the Daylily lady I have dedicated years to hybridizing daylilies with an emphasis on Late bloomers extending season well into September and October in Zone 7

Isabel Hibbard Gardens: Late Season Jewels on Long Island
Isabel Hibbard's garden for all seasons in Farmingdale, NY written by a member of the Long Island Daylily Society

Daylily Lady: Isabel Hibbard Gardens

Daylily Lady: Isabel Hibbard Gardens
Send a message to the late Isabel Hibbard to be posted to the daylily lady web site.

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Messages to Isabel Hibbard the Daylily Lady
After a courageous 11 year battle with cancer, Isabel Hibbard took her final breath July 20th 2012. These are messages to Isabel Hibbard.

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