Daylily Lady: Isabel Hibbard Gardens

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Isabel Hibbard Gardens:
The Original Daylily Lady from Long Island NY

People by the bus load have been visiting my mothers garden for decades in order to enjoy her labor of love firsthand. Her garden in Farmingdale New York was a display garden for years for both the American Hemerocallis Society's (AHS) and the Long Island Daylily Society (LIDS).

I have traveled often with her both domestically and overseas as she gathered specimens of rare and unusual plants from around the world. From mountaintops in the Alps, to the jungles of South America to the deserts, plants of all types were collected and cultivated here in Isabel Hibbard Gardens.

In 2012, Isabel became unable to provide tours of her beloved garden where she now rests. She has been inspiring both amateur and professional gardeners alike and I created this page so that people can leave messages or post links of pictures of her, her garden or the garden you created inspired by her.

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